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What is BDX Tronix

Solution For IoT/Electronics Maker

Available IOT Services

Here’s a list of the services that we offer to you:

  • IOT Project Consultancy

  • Technical Guidance for Project

  • Development Workshop

  • 3D Design Modelling

  • 3D Printing Services

  • Components Breakdown

  • Product Troubleshoot

  • Hands-On Mentoring

Why Use BDX Tronix

Benefits Of Hiring BDX Tronix

Technical Expertise

Get your assignments executed by a bunch of electronic experts

Fast Turnaround Time

We have an average lead time of 2 weeks

White-label Project

You can outsource your project to us and get people think its built by you

Human Support

Dedicated project managers to ensure you have a smooth experience

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are competitive and are one of the best in the market

Promotional Resources

All the promotional resources are provided to you


Available Services For You

IoT/Electronic Project Development

We will help you to build your IOT / Electronic project starting from ideation to completion

  • Pre Project Consultation
  • Pre Technical Specs Consultation
  • Pre Project Execution
RM 500 Starting from
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3D Printing Services (Design & Printing)

We will help you to turn your imagination into reality with our 3D printing services

  • 3D Model Design (RM150/hr)
  • Material Provided (Choice of materials)
  • Printing Service (3D printer)
RM 0.70 / Gram
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IOT/Electronics Hands On Workshop
Facilitated, in-person workshop that provides hands-on demonstration to help fellow makers to understand more about executing the project

Khairul Fikri

Chief Executive Officer

Free consultation for your IoT project

Latest IOT/Electronic Resources

Kawal Servo Motor dan LED menggunakan Rotary Encoder Module

Rotary encoder adalah sejenis position sensor yang digunakan untuk menentukan kedudukan sudut rotating shaft.

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Bagaimana Rotary Encoder berfungsi dan menggunakannya dengan Arduino

Rotary Encoder adalah komponen yang digunakan untuk menentukan angular position of a rotating shaft. Ia akan menghasilkan signal elektrik sama ada dalam bentuk analog atau digital bergantung kepada rotational movement.

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